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News | 2023-08-10
En grupp i orange varselvästar tittar på en ring i stål

Project members visiting the SKF factory in China.

IVL assist SKF to analyze the environmental impact of bearing business in China

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the company SKF have established a strategic partnership to collaborate on low-carbon environmental initiatives and innovative practices within the company’s bearing business in China.

As industries worldwide aim to reduce their carbon impact, companies are faced with new challenges. There is a growing emphasis on implementing carbon-neutral management throughout the product life cycle, encompassing aspects such as production and energy usage.

In the current project IVL utilizes LCA methodology to conduct environmental impact analyses on products and their entire life cycles. The results are presented based on the requirements of product category rules (PCR) issued by the EPD system, providing a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impacts. Together the companies collaborate to achieve carbon emission reduction throughout the entire value chain, incorporating standardized life cycle assessment calculations for bearing products, international EPD system certification, and the application of clean technologies.

– The project primarily focuses on the sustainable practices of SKF China's entire value chain. SKF China has sought the support of IVL in establishing environmental impact-related standards and leading the bearing industry in terms of product category rules and consulting for bearing development and life cycle assessment, says Juanjuan YAO, project manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

For more information, please contact:
Juanjuan YAO, juanjuan.yao@ivl.se

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