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Blommor och en byggnad

Build sustainably in a changing climate

Take control of climate risks and reduce the vulnerability of properties and areas to heat waves, precipitation, floods or landslides.

Buildings that are adapted to future climate change are more resilient and robust. Heat waves, increased precipitation, floods and landslides are some of the consequences that risk becoming more common.

When you keep track of the forecasts for climate change and how these can affect properties and areas, planning and management become more reliable and long-term. This means reduced costs, lower risks and minor inconveniences once the change is here.

Multifunctional outdoor surfaces provide value for both those who live or work in a property and for the ecosystem. With blue-green solutions, you can use nature-based methods to secure the future of your buildings for climate risks and at the same time contribute to greener environments, cleaner air, reduced noise and increased biodiversity.

Our climate and real estate experts support you in this work.

We help you with:

  • Advice and process management on climate-related challenges and requirements in management and procurement
  • Customized risk and vulnerability analyzes, including GIS analyzes
  • Suggestions for measures to secure the future of your construction projects
  • Advice and guidance on green roofs, green walls, tree planting and more technical solutions so that your surfaces fulfill more functions and contribute to co-value for housing as well as for ecosystems.

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