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Ett rum fullt av återbrukade möbler

Recycling and circular flows

IVL helps you and your business to use your resources so that you both reduce the climate impact and increase the business benefits.

A circular approach is not only good for the environment, it also creates concrete value for you and your business and can often also create social values ​​through a more sustainable society and sustainable lifestyles. Our experts will help you get the circular processes started. Calculation, valuation and analysis - with adapted methods and models, we find ways for your particular business to become more cost-effective and circular.

We help you with:

  • Mapping, analyzes and calculations on how you can reduce your waste by optimizing your spaces and your resource use and reusing or recycling your resources.
  • Valuation and analysis to create streamlined flows and business models for recycled materials.
  • Innovation, development, testing and implementation of solutions for increased recycling.
  • Opportunity for partnerships around research and development initiatives with others in the industry.
  • Strategies, planning and process support to reorganize the business for recycling.
  • Advice and practical guidance on how reuse can be supplemented with the division of, for example, laundry rooms, meeting rooms and workshops, through working methods and business models.
  • Collaboration on recycling, through the national collaboration platform Center for Circular Construction External link, opens in new window. and the regional collaboration arena Återbruk Väst, which is led by IVL.

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