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Climate change adaptation

Extreme weather, droughts and floods are some examples of how climate change is already affecting our world. Future changes will have serious consequences, and climate change adaptation is essential for reducing society's vulnerability.

IVL conducts research and assignments to increase knowledge about the impact of climate change adaptation. By adapting communities and economies and making them more resilient to climate change, we can reduce the need for urgent and costly measures in the future and contribute to long-term sustainable development.

Climate change adaptation can also provide opportunities for innovation, economic growth and improved urban planning, which can benefit current and future generations. IVL offers expertise and research experience in climate change adaptation through strategic support and analyses to help our clients and partners make the right decisions and develop their operations and businesses.

A selection of projects where IVL is working with climate change adaptation

Hustak och Turning Torso i bakgrunden, Malmö

Resource-efficient and resilient cities

In the Recreate project, IVL is working together with leading universities and research institutes from Sweden, Austria and China to create sustainable cities. The goal is to identify opportunities for cities to promote circular economies and long-term sustainability.

Vy över svenska fjällen

A comprehensive approach to climate change

A newly launched EU project will take a comprehensive approach to the interaction between impacts, risks, adaptation and response to climate change. The aim is to break the silo mentality, so that integrated assessments can be made.

Water coming over the streets in Kemah during Hurricane Harvey

Energy systems in a changing climate

A study shows that by 2040, the consequences for the Swedish energy system will be manageable, but this assumes that climate change is taken into account in the investments that the energy industry needs to make.

The latest news on climate change adaptation

Services offered by IVL in the field of climate change adaptation

IVL helps you develop solutions that help foster sustainable operations and a sustainable society. Everything we do rests on a scientific foundation, and if you engage us as a consultant, you get all our research as part of the deal.

Research on climate change adaptation

Our research prepares society for climate change.

Some of IVL's experts in climate change adaptation

Thomas Stoll

Thomas Stoll

Magnus Hennlock

Magnus Hennlock

Katarina Hnasson

Katarina Hansson

Johan Holmqvist

Johan Holmqvist

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