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Climate assessment of energy measures (Tidstegen)

Tidstegen is a tool you can use to make a climate assessment of energy solutions when renovating or building new properties. The tool calculates how a change in the building's energy use during the operational phase affects greenhouse gas emissions.

With the help of the tool, real estate and construction companies can calculate the consequences from a climate point of view of investing in different solutions for buildings' energy supply. Different energy measures can be compared with each other to find an optimal solution from a climate point of view. You can use the results as one of several decision bases when choosing energy solutions.

The tool can also be used by other organizations that want to analyze the consequences of energy measures, such as solar cell companies to evaluate the climate benefits of solar cell installations.

It is the only widely available tool for analyzing climate impact of various energy measures. The tool is based on a method developed in several research projects carried out in 2013-2020 in collaboration between authorities, researchers, the construction industry and the energy industry.

Read more about Tidstegen and download the tool

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